I’m definitely going gray, and probably faster than the average. I’ve definitely put on weight since high school.

However, when I catch my reflection in a car window, and think, “Oh what a shame, look what you did to yourself”, it’s important for me to realize that I’m not especially fat or grey.

What I think of my own spending is that it’s especially bad, I buy much more stuff than I need.

What I think of my fitness that I’m especially out of shape.

It’s tremendously soothing to think of myself not especially fat, gray, capricous with money, or out of shape, at least compared to the mean. The mean might not be all that great, but I think walking around shaking this ‘blame stick’ at myself for things largely everybody does is a kind of delusion or in the case of body stuff, a dismorphia.

It helps to reassure myself, “you are xxx, like everybody else.” It helps to reassure myself that I’m not so toxic or terrible, or different than most regular people.