I’ve come across some real characters in my life, from Haredi Ultra Orthodox Rabbis, to crackheads, and everything in between. There’s an old joke, I think it’s either Eddy Murphy or Jerry Seinfeld because I saw it on Comedians in cars getting coffee: It goes, “Did you ever notice 2 homeless people talking to each other? One is giving advice to the other one.”

The reality is, bullshit, shitty opinions about everything from sex to money have a way of sticking in the brain. You never know what you’ll be in the middle of when you hear that rabbi say “There are some things that fundamentally corrupt the soul”.

Fucking hear your own opinion though. Maybe this is a function of being over 40, or having a regular mindfulness practice, but I know what I think on subjects like sex and money. On the first, I’m sex positive tending to listen to writers like Stoya, or the authors of The Ethical Slut. On money, I’m conservative, eschewing borrowing money, something I got from Dave Ramsey (yes, the evangelical Christian, Dave Ramsey).

The point I’m trying to make is – I mean, don’t get into some kind of fight in your own head, but know what are authentically your rules for something, and what are just someones (sometimes loud) opinions you’ve picked up along the way.