When I get (often psychotically) anxious, there is often some focus for that anxiety, some nexus of guilt and shame that serves to turn the pain inwards. I end up confused and paralyzed. Where I should have been anxious about hosting a dinner party, I’m instead anxious about being a toxic human being.

I think this is both very common, and profoundly stupid. I use the word “dysmorphia” a lot – the original context is people with eating disorders who fail to accurately perceive their own shape (morphology). Here though, I’d use it, in lieu of a more precise term, to describe this kind of inward turning psychological violence that fails to see worth, human frailty and any semblance of something worthy of self esteem.

So it’s a dysmorphia to have that anxiety turn inward. Be anxious about the stupid meeting you have to present at, be anxious at meeting a new person of the opposite sex, but don’t be anxious that you are some kind of Darth Minor, deserving to be cast into the Sarlacc pit of despair from which none exit.