So what’s the situation that’s got you down to the point of topping yourself? Something like, “42 and underemployed and living in childhood bedroom”, or “Lonely, can’t meet people, can’t get a date”?

I’ve found it tremendously helpful in moments like these to think about the impossibility that this situation is unique in the world. Google if it helps, but in all likelihood there are hundreds, if not thousands of people suffering through the same problem as you.

Even if the situation isn’t 100% analogous it still helps. Problems with unemployment or underemployment? Think about the tens of thousands of people who just got cut loose because of Covid 19. Problems with relationships? It doesn’t take that much searching around on the internet, even of really productive famous people (especially writers) to find kinship.

Feel a bit of virtual solidarity in that. Feel how temporary some of this stuff is. Picture yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with all those people who have gone through, and are going through the same thing.

You are not alone. אתה לו לבד